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Party Wall Act

If you are an owner or occupier of property, whether commercial or residential that shares a wall with an adjoining owner or occupier, you have a party wall. Call: 07855 489 246 to find out more!

If you are proposing to carry out building work on, over, adjacent to or under a party wall you will need to follow set procedures laid down in statue.

The Party Wall act came into force in 1996. Since then there has been a procedure in place to enable owners and occupiers rights to cut into, extend or alter party walls. The same act gives adjoining owners and occupiers certain rights, in essence to safe guard their property against damage.

A specialist party walls company who can provide you with expert advice for your property in Bolton.

Cubed provides advice on:

  • Party Wall Act
  • Party Wall Notices and procedures
  • Party Wall Awards
  • Schedules of condition
  • New Lease negotiations
  • Party Wall act awards

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For an extremely competitive price you provided me with a full and comprehensive (building acquisition survey) report, the level of detail together with photographs was simple astounding

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