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It is essential and good practice to be thinking and planning for dilapidations liabilities at the commencement of new leases as well as lease renewal and expiry. Call: 07855 489 246 to find out more!

This way managers and business owners can effectively manage liabilities for maintenance clauses under leases to minimise financial impact.

Under normal lease terms (fully repairing and insuring lease covenants), occupiers are required to “put and keep” the property in good repair and condition. The interpretation of the Law of Dilapidation is open to discussion and negotiation and it is important to have planned ahead, whether by prepared schedules of condition or planning maintenance strategies. Of course it may be too late at lease expiry for preventative measures.

So at this stage Cubed can act on your behalf to negotiate for you.

Cubed provides advice on:

  • Schedules of condition to be attached to new leases
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Law of Dilapidations advice
  • End of Lease negotiations
  • Agreeing licenses for alteration under current leases
  • Preparation of documents and plans for licences

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For an extremely competitive price you provided me with a full and comprehensive (building acquisition survey) report, the level of detail together with photographs was simple astounding

Stephen Barnes - Collaber8online


Cubed Property Advisors are members of RICS and IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.