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Dilapidations matters and schedules of condition in Lancashire

Bar-be-quick owned by Rectella Limited, one of the largest and specialist BBQ manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, has appointed CUBED to advise of Dilapidations matters and to prepare schedules of condition for additional storage space being acquired in Lancashire.

CUBED are advising on the detail of repairing and redecorating covenants of a new commercial fully repairing and insuring lease. CUBED are also advising by way of an acquisition survey and schedule of condition, the general liabilities that exist at the unit. CUBED will protect the clients’ interests in the property and ensure that Rectella get the best deal they can with the new Landlord. 


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For an extremely competitive price you provided me with a full and comprehensive (building acquisition survey) report, the level of detail together with photographs was simple astounding

Stephen Barnes - Collaber8online


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