CUBED Property Advisors Limited are heavily involved in helping the Education Funding Agency to complete condition surveys of schools as part of a new property data capture programme for schools.

Client: The Education Funding Agency
Buildings: Various nationally
Contract Programme: May 2012 – August 2014

The programme has been running for over 18 months and involves the capture of condition data of the structure and fabric of school portfolios within England and Wales.

Cubed has been involved in the Southern Schools section including Croydon, Brentford, Barnet, Elstree, Essex, Suffolk and Ipswich. Future programmes will include Somerset, Gloucestershire and Nottinghamshire.

The survey programme includes schools from nursery through to 6th form colleges and incorporates schools for Special Educational Needs.

Data is captured and uploaded digitally using IPADs, PDF mapping software, Android systems and CAD. The SIGNET system and Tribal systems are also incorporated into the data capture and management system.

The data is collect and analysed by the EFA for long term budget planning for the maintenance of schools.

Data captured includes (but not exclusively), the condition of roofs, walls, windows, doors, internal partitions, finishes, mechanical services, electrical services, sanitary goods, sports facilities, catering and fixtures and fittings.

Planned and preventative maintenance programmes are essential to the efficient financial management of any property portfolio. This includes planning ahead for larger cost repair items and completing routine maintenance in an effective way to forestall longer term more serious defects. Good planned maintenance does provide long term maintenance cost efficiency ensuring that the budgets go further.

CUBED are also acting as auditors for the longer term review of the quality of data captured.

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Customer Testimonials

Your involvement with this scheme has made the project simpler and your expert diagnosis of the design defects has saved us time and money.

Peter Carey Sedgwick legal Sedgwick legal

For an extremely competitive price you provided me with a full and comprehensive (building acquisition survey) report, the level of detail together with photographs was simple astounding.

Stephen Barnes Collaber8online Collaber8online

After many years and months of problems of water leaks to the apartment blocks due to design defects, and the original defective roof covering, we are delighted that you have successfully project managed the renewal of the roof coverings and we have a wind and water tight buildings at last.

Redwillow Limited Redwillow Limited